Java DriveWire Server

The source code is available on Github

I would like to share the new Java DriveWire Server in action.  For more information on DriveWire please see the documentation from Cloud9s web site here.

Here is a screenshot of Aaron Wolfe's development Color Computer 3 running DriveWire.  You will notice that it is only a Color Computer 3 with a DriveWire cartridge plugged in.

There are a couple of different ways you can connect to his CoCo.  One thing to note is that this is his development computer, so there are times when it may not be up and running.

The first way is to use a telnet client and connect to on port 6809.  Screen shot below:

The other way you can connect to the server is via a web page that implements a telnet window within your browser.

This address is located at

Multiple Telnet Sessions:

If you would like to connect to Aaron's Color Computer via telnet or the web please send him an email.  Currently his only connected CoCo is also his development computer, so it might not always be up and running.